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    Two friends, neighbors, and moms decided to do something useful and self-fulfilling with their time and passion for cooking. Intelligent minds and passion for cooking gave birth to showmethecurry.com.Anuja and Hetal are spreading the aroma of curry through showmethecurry.com. They have learned to simplify their lives and yet offer their families fresh, delicious and healthy home cooked meals.
    People all over the world can watch step by step cooking at showmethecurry.com. You can experience flavors of cooking not just by reading the recipe but can watch step by step procedure.ShowMeTheCurry, the name exemplifies everything that co-founders Anuja and Hetal Jannu wanted to convey to their growing number of fans. It is the brainchild of two busy moms who, through their trials and errors, have learned to simplify their lives and yet offer their families fresh, delicious and healthy home cooked meals. Website teaches Indian Cooking through a step-by-step, easy to follow visual medium. It is great for new cooks because every video starts from the basics nothing is assumed. It is great for seasoned cooks because it offers variety to the everyday menu.
    Let us find out more about showmethecurry from Hetal and Anuja.
    Anuja, Hetal welcome to naarisakhi.

    1 NS: How did you develop a love for cooking and food? Did you cook with your parents while growing up?
    SMTC: Being taught to have an open mind to different foods and flavors mixed with a natural curiosity of how things are made was a big part of our learning experience.
    Yes, we watched and helped out in the kitchen.

    2. NS: Who is your motivating force behind your success?
    SMTC: Our families are our biggest critics and our biggest supporters.

    3. NS: How did you come up with the name showmethecurry.com?
    SNTC: Curry is synonymous with Indian food and the rest of the name embodied every thing about our website.

    4. NS: Any tips for newbies in cooking
    SMTC: Experiment and dont get disheartened if something does not turn out perfect the 1st time around. Messing up is a good way to learn from your mistakes -- the bigger the goof up, the bigger the learning opportunity.

    5. NS: What is the most valuable lesson you learned in the process of creating your own show?
    SMTC: We have learnt so many things like tips, tricks and recipes from our viewers; in fact we are learning something new every day. We have also learnt that once you put yourselves out there you have to be ready to face criticism, good and bad. Growing a thick skin and not taking things personally really helps because there is no way you have make everyone happy every time.

    6. NS: How do you balance your family life and your work?

    SMTC: Our families will always come first and we make sure that never changes. Once our kids are off to school, we work and once they get back home in the afternoons, we are back to being moms. We love the fact that we work for ourselves and we have the flexibility and luxury to do that.

    7. NS: Any advice to women who wants to be an entrepreneur
    SMTC: Dont be afraid of failure and we always say start small and take the ups and downs in stride. Perseverance helps because success does not come overnight.

    8. NS: What are your future plans for showmethecurry?
    SMTC: Our goal is to make ShowMeTheCurry.com a household name and we plan to work towards that vision.

    ---------------------------------------------------Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.naarisakhi.com

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    1. Saniya's Avatar
      Saniya -
      Very Impressive idea. Congrates!!!
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      surekhapar -
      I liked the idea of video recipes. You have made Indian cooking so simple and easy through your videos.
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      tulip -
      Very nice videos and elegant way to present the recipes.
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