• Yogitha Rammoorthy: Helping Women to stay in style

    Naarisakhi is proud to introduce Yogitha Ramamoorthy. With a Master’s degree in English and a fashion degree from the National Institute of Fashion Technology – tea, Yogitha Ramamoorthy took her first step into the world of fashion. Today Yogitha Ramamoorthy, is a well known name in Bangalore Fashion Industry as one of the youngest fashion designer, fashion choreographer and a fashion writer.

    Yogitha started her own brand ‘FaYo, ‘that is a revelation of all that is exceptional and extraordinary in its commencement and conception. She believes in creating credible fashion, clothing that makes the ordinary men and women feel special. She believes that real elegance is achieved by ignoring loud trends, yet creating a style statement. She has molded many young women into budding confident ladies by showing them the secret of ‘staying in style.’ She is in fact known for her ability to envision a ‘look’ for the character and believes that clothes should be an extension of one’s intellect.

    Her characteristic style is the fusion of ethnic work with futuristic trends, to achieve a look that is unique and contemporary yet deeply rooted in Indian craft. She loves working with handloom and natural fabrics. Her forte lies in expressing complex designs in simplest ways.

    Yogitha has worked on numerous projects of fashion forecasting and creative conceptualization both nationally and internationally and her clients are all over the world. She has also won several prices, awards and recognition for her outstanding contribution to the fashion industry. Till date she has done hundreds of fashion shows that include the International Fashion Weeks as well. Her successful projects have been studded with names like Taj Group of Hotels, Accenture, Duetches, Big Bazaar, Malayalam Manorama, Esprit, Naturals Parlour, Schwarzkopf and many more. With her incomparable sense for visual aesthetics, her runway choreography & direction for fashion shows are brilliantly conceptualized. She is also the designer for SUHASHINI MANIRATNAM, wife of the legendry director DR. MANI RATNAM.

    In addition, she has written numerous articles and editorials that focus the latest trends and style. Her writings have appeared in literary journals, newspapers, magazines and websites. Her passion for writing has made her write an entire book named “Stay in Style @ 7teen or 7ty,” that is awaiting publication.

    Class, chic and the magnetism of mystery is what the designer has to offer. Fashion for her, is basically a lot of fun!
    Let us find out more about dynamic personality Yogitha

    1. NS: How did you get started in a fashion design career?
    Yogitha: It was only after I completed my graduation in English that I took to designing. Though I had a flair for fashion from my early days, considering the fact that I was from an orthodox family, I could not get into it immediately (as it was considered to be a taboo those days). Nonetheless, looking at my passion my parents allowed me to pursue my interests. From then on, there is no turning back. Additionally, graduating in English has helped a great deal as it made me a fashion writer. I write for a lot of fashion magazines and newspapers and on the verge of publishing a book too.

    2.NS: Who would you like to thank for what you are today?

    Yogitha: Firstly my family, today I am what I am because of my family and I owe a lot to them. Mom and dad have been a great source of encouragement. Though dad is no more, I can still feel his presence - be it when I do a designer show or choreography, I always imagine dad being there and cheering for me. My brother Niranjan Ramamoorthy, who makes me realize where I go wrong with his constant criticism and my sister, Nishitha Ramamoorthy who always stands by me are the people who I can rely on forever. I thank my uncle Mr. Bellie Jayprakash [wing commander in the Indian Air Force] and his wife Mrs.Tara Jayprakash who are constantly there to provide me with advice and guidance when I need it the most. My dear most beautiful pal Priya Paulraj is yet another reason of what I am today.
    I wouldn’t be doing any justice if I don’t mention my community ‘Badagas.’ Earlier I was quite apprehensive about the community as I couldn’t get into the fashion industry just because I am a ‘badaga girl.’ But they proved me wrong. The encouragement I get from them is tremendous. Today I am proud to say I hail from such a friendly community. Last but not the least I thank all my lovely friends who are there to support and cheer me at all times. If I have to mention the list, a page is not enough.

    3. NS: What do you most enjoy about a fashion design career?
    Yogitha: In fashion no two days are the same. That’s the best part. Each day you wake up with a new assignment, meet new people and get introduced to new things. Fashion has also thought me to not to waste things. I can make a beautiful handbag out of an old salwar, turn old t-shirts into warm quilts, use mom’s old silk saris to make trendy curtains etc. You can do wonders with the left over fabrics too; there is just no limit to creativity.

    4. NS: What is most challenging about a fashion design career?

    Yogitha: There is a wrong perception that fashion design career is a glamorous one and it’s all about having fun. Yes, you can have fun, but it requires equal amount of hard work and persistence too. Another aspect is the competition. The competition is really tight and unless you prove that ‘extra something,’ in you it’s tough to move forward.

    5. NS: What other skills are important in a fashion design career?
    Yogitha: There are quite a number of things to learn and acquire in order to become a designer. Firstly, you need to have a flair for designing. Though there are numerous softwares now to create different aspects of designs, knowledge about sketching would be an added advantage. Pattern making and draping are few other things you ought to know. I know many designers who have made it to the top without any formal education in designing. However, I personally feel a formal education on the same would make things a lot easier. Develop your creativity as much as you can, remember in fashion it’s all about being different.

    6. NS: Who is your inspiration?

    Yogitha: Everything and everyone around me! Yes, inspiration can be got even from something as simple as a pen. I get inspirations from dreams too. Sometimes you can see me sketching at 2 in the morning in my bed. I would have been inspired by something in my dream and in order not to forget it when I wake up in the morning, I make a note of it no matter what time of the day or night it is. A child playing in the street would instill something in me and I get an idea from it. Basically everyone and everything around me can be my inspiration.

    7. NS: When you create something, what goes through your mind?

    Yogitha: A lot! But I always picture the end result with a lady in it. For instance, I decide to make a handbag I picture a lady carrying it with pride and likewise when I make a sari I dream of the lady flaunting it. If I am not happy about something, I work on it until and unless I am completely satisfied. At times it takes hours to complete a design, and for me it has to be perfect. I sometimes forget that I haven’t had food unless my mother reminds me about it …giggle giggle!

    8. NS: How do you intend women to feel when wearing your collection?
    Yogitha: Trust me; there are no words to describe the feeling. It feels really great. There is an unsaid happiness in it. You create something with your heart and soul and then you see a person flaunting it, that’s the ultimate. I guess that’s every designers dream. I once had a lady from UK who ordered a sari. And, she gave me a surprise by coming all the way to India just to show me how much she loved wearing the sari. I was dumbstruck by her response, and every time I create a new design she orders one from me. I can proudly say that I have the best of clients. All my clients are wonderful and the response I get from them inspires me to do more and more.

    9. NS: What kind of Fashion Style do you see becoming the trend in the coming days?

    Yogitha: Fashion is basically a cycle. As you see, what was the style in 70’s and 80’s has become the trend now. Puff sleeves, leggings, short kurtis, jumpsuits which were all the rage during the 70’s is making the rounds now. However, I feel a total copy of ‘retro’ can be boring. The style can be incorporated with a blend of modernity and ethnicity. Though designers are constantly working on new things, it’s merely a renovation of the old.

    10. NS: What do you have to say to the next generation, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?

    Yogitha: Understand the market; fashion is something which changes every now and then. Stay updated with the latest trends, there is no point in creating kaftans when the tunics are in. And, never be afraid of competition. It’s there in every field. If you face failures do not get dejected instead learn from your mistakes. Remember, you can learn so much from your failures that what success teaches you. On the contrary never take success to your head. Patience is very important in a fashion design career. Out of every 100 students that graduate every year, hardly 5 make it to the top. The reason is impatience and lack of self - confidence. People are in a hurry for everything and something does not work out, they quit. Do take setbacks as challenges and face them head on.
    Finally be passionate about what you do, do it from your heart and do it sincerely – the rest will just follow!
    Yogitha’s favorite
    Color: Black / White – You just can’t go wrong with these two colors
    TV Show: Project Runway
    Fashion designer: Alexander Mcqueen / Neeta Lulla
    Book: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
    Contact Details:
    Yogitha Ramamoorthy [Director of FaYo]
    Website: www.fayo.in
    Blog: www.yogitharamamoorthy.blogspot.com
    Blog: www.fayostyle.wordpress.com
    Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/FaY...45915835444104
    Email: yogitadesigning@gmail.com / yowgita@gmail.com

    --------------------------------Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com
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    1. sabmeh's Avatar
      sabmeh -
      Very impressive work Yogitha.
    1. jbhise's Avatar
      jbhise -
      Yogitha, your collection is amazingly beautiful. Do you sell only in India or even outside India.
    1. yogisneh's Avatar
      yogisneh -
      very good collection of color combinations... do you do Sari blouse designs
    1. reenakamath's Avatar
      reenakamath -
      Yogitha, lovely saris. All the best for your career. I am sure very soon you will be designing for bollywood.
    1. Pinky's Avatar
      Pinky -
      Yogitha, I read your blogs through narisakhi but never knew you were such a big designer with your own label. Keep it up. May you grow more successful.
    1. Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash's Avatar
      Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash -
      Bravo FaYo(gi)! Some times, you miss out what is very close to your eyes. That is what happened with Yogi. Being her family, we realised her potential a little late. But along with my wife Mrs.Tara Jayaprakash, we feel very strongly that Yogitha, Yogi to us, will achieve much more laurels as her true talents are yet to be recognisd. Taste and style are her forte. Yogi, we are proud of you and wishing you nothing but the very best - Wg Cdr JP [ http://badaga.in , www.badaga.co ]
    1. sharonfern1's Avatar
      sharonfern1 -
      Yogitha, such a beautiful work. God bless you dear with much more success in life.
    1. jalpa's Avatar
      jalpa -
      Yogitha, very impressive profile. All the best!!!
    1. Yogitha Ramamoorthy's Avatar
      Yogitha Ramamoorthy -
      Thanks everyone for all the encouraging comments. It really does mean a lot to me Yogisneh - Yes, I do sari blouse designs too
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