• How to use Besan gram flour for beauty

    Besan is also called Gram flour. It is a flour made from ground chickpeas.
    It is a famous ingredient for the south Indian snacks.

    As for beauty, it acts as a wonderful exfoliant.

    • Take a teaspoonful of gram flour and mix water to make a paste out of it. Apply it on face everyday. After it dries, just scrub it off. This also helps in removing unwanted hair on face.
    • For dry skin the above paste can be used with curds instead of water.
    • Mix a teaspoon of besan with a spoon of honey, pinch of turmeric and few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on face and leave until it dries. After that wash your face with warm water. This acts as a face pack. It removes any scars and blemishes due to pimples. It also acts as a bleach and gives your face a clear complexion.
    • After childbirth, the mother is not supposed to use soap for washing, instead she uses besan flour mixed with turmeric. It helps the skin to get a glow.
    • Besan mixed with sandalwood and cucumber juice acts as a cooling agent and helps in removing pimples.

    On the whole besan can be used as it is or mixed with any ingredient and used on the face.

    For the hair

    • Besan is used to wash hair instead of shampoo.
    • Besan mixed with curds and lemon acts as a wonderful hair pack.
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