• Debjani Rannaghar: A foodie by heart

    1. NS: Tell NS viewers something about you and your blog
    Debjani: Hi, I am Debjani Chatterjee Alam, a food blogger by passion and financial analyst by profession. I am a mother of Two years old Renaissance and married to an Architect. Born and brought up in a typical, traditional joint family in Kolkata, I am with cooking since childhood. I used to watch my Mother and Aunts to make different traditional Bengali food and used to learn from them. After completion of my Masters’ in Rural Management I have shifted my base to Bihar back in 2009 to work for United Nations as United Nations’ Volunteer and that is the time when I started keeping notes of different recipes to just to make my life easy. I have started my blog in 2012 around a year after my marriage. My Husband Mehebub is a great help in this regard. My blog is “Debanir Rannaghar” which means Kitchen of Debjani. Rannaghar is the Bengali name of Kitchen. Though I write about anything and everything I cook but Bengali Cuisine is my forte.

    1. NS: What inspired you to start food blog?
    Debjani: I have started Debjanir Rannaghar to keep record of my cooking venture to make my life easy. However, with the pace of time blogging turned into my passion and I started exploring history of different food that I try in my kitchen. I think my inspiration is nothing but my love towards food which is a culture itself.

    2. NS: Where does your passion for cooking come from?
    Debjani: My kitchen is the place where I found relief after a hectic day. I love to try different food; love to learn from people about different processes and always try to chat with the elders to record “Grand Maa’s tips”. I believe in simple living and that reflect in my cooking style too. Given I am working for International development and to support my work I often visit different parts of India including the Rural areas and always try to learn our countries’ rich traditional cooking processes. For e.g., I learned to make Khejur Gur er Rosogolla ( Rasgulla prepared with Date Palm Jaggery) from my Aunt; I have explored different books and web documents to learn about the history of Tanduri Chicken

    I talked to the Sweetshop owners for their recipe of Lyangcha and came out with my version and so on.

    3. NS: If I am going to cook only one dish from your blog, which one do you sugggest?
    Debjani: This is indeed the toughest one! All my attempts are close to my heart and special to me! However, a simple Chicken Curry which I learned from my Mother: “Robibarer Murgir Jhol”

    Click Here for recipe
    which means a Sunday special runny Chicken Curry is the one!

    Debjani’s favorite
    Season: Winter
    Book: I am a bookaholic and list is huge actually; however: The Monk who sold his Ferrari” “Harry Potter Series”, “Memories of Midnight” “Omnibus by Rabindranath Tagore are few books which are close to my heart. When it comes to Cooking; I have a small collection which includes “the Jewels of Nizam”, “Amish o Niramish Ranna” by PrgnaSundari Devi, Flavors of Awadh and books written by Madhur Jafari etc.
    Music: Indian, Soft
    Cuisine: Indian, Bengali

    -------Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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    1. Aish's Avatar
      Aish -
      Lovely blog. recipes are in details. Pictures help a lot for newbie like me. Thanks.
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      joelcabar -
      I love bengali food and your blog rocks with bengali cuisine.
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