• Mother daughter: Bright and colorful start up Entrepreneurs

    Dots To Lines (work of art, crafted by hand) is all about transforming thoughts into creative patterns with business mantra “Vibrant Hand Crafted Art Designed Creatively”

    1. NS: How was Dots to lines born?
    Aditi: I had decided to leave my job and I wanted to give gifts to my colleagues/friends at work. We had scraps of MDF lying in the garage and my mom suggested I could use those. She had collected them from places and they seemed to be good for key rings- fish cutout particularly. So I doodled on them and they looked awesome and my friends loved them and appreciated the art. One particular friend Pooja Arya motivated me to take it up further by making more and selling them. Previously my best friend and go- to guy Kartik Kothari always told me to take up art with mom and do something of my own with it. He saw it in me. So with that past thought and this current motivation I thought I should venture into it and shared it with mom and our minds started working. Soon we came up with photo-frames and coasters and gave shape to a home run business with a love for crafting.
    We work from home- our cozy space. And our team is just us two mainly crafting the products. However, we do have a back end team. So my father Dinesh and brother Niteesh always help us at events and other times when required. We also have a house help who pitches in here and there. Next is my mom’s sister Neeru Mahajan who sort of keeps feeding us with new ideas and suggestions on what we could explore. Lastly, is a dear family friend Mr. Koteeshwar Rao who helps us with all the tiny finishing details of our products- the running around in markets and all the drilling work.
    Our product range includes- Trays, Trinket/storage Boxes, Clocks, Coasters, Photo frames, Napkin holders, Keyrings, Magnets, Jewellery, Notebooks, Tissue box, Candle holder, Potlis, etc.

    2. NS: How and why did you come up with the name Dots to Lines?

    Dots To Lines: One night we sat brainstorming (mom dad, brother and me) for names. We listed pages upon and pages and nothing clicked. Then slowly we had two words Dots and Lines that were perfect for our venture. My brother then said how about DOTS TO LINES and we loved it. Then and there I created a signature for Dots to Lines and today we sign behind every product we craft. The idea behind it is -“Dots form lines, lines together make patterns, patterns put together form a design and design is the world”

    3. NS: Please share with us incidents where you and your mother had different opinion and how did you manage it?

    Dots To Lines:. So many times while creating a product we seem to have different ideas, either the color combination or the design choices. We then sort of explain why our idea works and sometimes I have my way and other times she. So we always sort of debate and convince each other.

    4. NS: Was your ride smooth or you had to face challenges and how do you resolve your challenges?
    Dots To Lines: As entrepreneurs one big challenge is always about differentiating ourselves and our products in the market. Today, there are many people creating and crafting and like I said decoupage is a very popular technique. So with the competition we always need to have something outstanding and hence we fuse multiple techniques and don’t use only one. Getting noticed is another challenge as a result.

    5. NS: What are your future plans for dots to lines?

    Dots To Lines: In the coming month we look to expand in terms of having our products at a few stores across India. We would love to work with wedding planners and design wedding trousseaus. We are also looking at widening our product range and including fabrics as well.

    6. NS: What are the sources people can place orders?
    Dots To Lines: People can buy via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/dots2lines Here they can choose and inbox us. And we take it further. Most sales happen during flea markets like Soul Sante, Kitsch Mandi, etc. We also sell on portals like zingohub.com, sendmygift.com, worldartcommunity.com, etc. and apps like ishippo and happitoe

    -----------------------------------Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, editor, www.narisakhi.com

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      nikita -
      You ladies motivate me. All the best.
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      sunidi12 -
      vey impressive art. Way to go ladies.
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      shaila45 -
      Lovely Team. This reminds me of my mother.
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