• How to make jeera/cumin seed powder at home

    Home made cumin seed Jeera powder

    Cumin Seed are known as Jeera in India. Nutty flavor and aroma of jeera has lot of impact on food. Cumin is a good source of iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc and antioxidant properties. Jeera helps in food digestion.

    Shelf life: 1-2 months
    Roasting time: 5-7 mins
    Grinding time: 2 mins
    Cooling time 5-7 minutes

    1/2 cup Cumin seeds (Jeera)

    Clean the cumin seeds and dry roast in a pan over low flame until you get a nice aroma and they start turning light brown in color by stirring it occasionally. Make sure you keep stirring otherwise they will turn black which will give bitter taste to the jeera powder.

    Spread on a plate and let it cool for few minutes.

    Grind roasted jeera/cumin seeds into a powder in mixer or spice grinder/ coffee grinder. Some recipes ask for coarse jeera powder mainly curries and other requires fine powder.

    You can grind it as per your choice or make 2 different batches.

    Allow it to cool for some time and store it in an air tight glass container.

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    1. suchetamuni's Avatar
      suchetamuni -
      The picture rocks. Good reminder to make spice powder at home.
    1. tulip's Avatar
      tulip -
      I can smell roasted jeera.. love the aroma. Thanks NS for the post.
    1. meera's Avatar
      meera -
      It is better to make roasted powders at home as you never know what they mix when you get spices in the powder form from the market.