• Trupti More: founder of Trupti's Craft

    Trupti More and her venture Truptiís Craft

    Trupti: Hello, my name is Trupti More. I was born and bought up in Maharashtra. Now itís been 15 years I am living in America. I am a mom of 3 wonderful kids. Truptiís Craft came in mind when my oldest kid was born. Couple of years I was making bead jewelry then I got interested in origami mostly, 3d origami. 6 years back I saw my first paper quilling product photo on Facebook. Then I did some research about it. I was amazed by this beautiful art so I decided to learn paper quilling. At that time, I did not find anyone who can give me lessons so I learned everything by watching YouTube videos, reading books and off course internet. Now I am selling my paper quilling products all over USA. I am also giving paper quilling classes online as well as in person. I also conduct paper quilling and origami parties.

    1. NS: Who is motivating force behind your success?
    Trupti: I was motivated by all great paper quilling artists from all over the world.

    2. NS: What advice would you give to women who want to be an entrepreneur?
    Follow your passion and you will get success

    3. NS: What are your future plans for your business?
    Trupti: I would like to open one paper quilling studio where I can showcase my creativity and teach this beautiful art to everyone.

    4. NS: How can viewers place orders with Truptiís Craft?


    ē Send an email to truptiscraft@gmail.com
    ē Leave a message or comment on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TruptisCraft
    ē Leave a comment on my blog post http://www.truptiscraft.com/
    ē Better way to order customized product email me.

    Truptiís Favorite:
    Season: Spring.
    Color: I love all light colors but mostly light pink and sky blue.
    Music: Soft music

    --Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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