• Ami Savla, Founder of Socialize Store

    1. NS: Tell us something about you and Socialize store.
    Ami: I saw that women out there had some amazing business ideas but they had scarce knowledge on how to promote their brand effectively on the digital platform and so I started Socialize Store 8 months back with the objective to make the women of our country digitally sound.
    We at Socialize Store help budding start-ups, women entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and dreamers in co-creating their social world.

    2. NS: How important is social media in today’s world?
    Ami: Women entrepreneurs in various sectors have been immensely successful, dispelling the old myth that they cannot handle businesses as confidently or assertively as men but I did see that with social media many women developed cold feet and thus with socialize store I intend to dispel this myth too as In today’s convergent mass media space, narrow specializations are restrictive. The ability to quickly grasp enormous amounts of information and present it creatively in words and visuals across different media is indispensable. In other words, if you can read, write and communicate effectively with visuals, you will always be in demand and thus knowledge of Social Media plays a very important role in today’s digital world.

    3. NS: What message you want to give to women who want to achieve their dream of being an entrepreneur come true but cannot put forth the important first step towards it?
    Ami: It is all about a unique business concept that makes an entrepreneur stand out from the crowd. The best way to carve a niche for your startup in the market is to have an out-of-the-box approach and execute your vision delicately.
    One need to realize that only a great idea will not give you success. A great execution certainly will. For the same reason it is important to make yourself aware about different topics related to various subjects including finance, digital media, legal affairs, technical, administration, logistics to name a few and for the same reason one should never stop learning and continuously keep yourself updated by attending various sessions, seminars, workshops at regular intervals.
    Women Entrepreneurship is the next IN thing in our country. All that I need to say to the young and enthusiastic women out there is that if you are passionate, just follow your instinct, dedicate your time and soul for what you love and you will be an achiever!

    Ami’s Success Mantra
    • Love your competitor. Don’t fear them. Collaborate and grow together.
    • Talk passionately about your idea to everyone who comes in contact with you.
    • Network. Network. Network

    Amis Future plan for Socialize Store
    With Socialize Store, I want to pass this knowledge of social media to every woman out there and help them reduce their dependency on various external sources thus make them become confident and an independent individual.

    You can contact Socialize store by emails
    socializestore@gmail.com or visit us at https://www.facebook.com/SocializeStore

    Come Together Lets Create Magic In Your World!

    Ami’s favorites
    Color: White because white is the only color which helps the other colors on it to shine too
    Season: Breezy Winters
    Movie: Andaz Apna Apna
    Book: Tuesdays with Morrie by Albom Mitch
    Music: Coldplay

    Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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