• Huda Shaikh: founder of nutribond

    1. NS: Tell us something about you and nutribond?
    NutriBond: While I was growing up like every child I wished to become a doctor,teacher or Engineer.But god had something else in store for me.I went on to become an entrepreneur,The Founder and Director of www.nutribond.co.in. By far I have played the roles of a Clinical Nutritionist, Dietician, Blogger, Healthy recipe designer, Speaker and a fitness enthusiast. At 24 I have my own nutrition website and that is what makes me happier than ever.I finished my graduation in Microbiology and wanted to study ahead and that it when I decided to go ahead with a Masterís Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.When I was doing my Masterís I somewhere had made up my mind that I have to come up with a unique nutrition brand or you can say firm.I did my internship from Sion Hospital and believe me it was one of the best experience I could ever get in my life.So many different diseases which I had never heard about ,unique way of planning diets all together made it a class experience for me.I got to learn so much in a very short duration.I kept working for another year till NutriBond came into being.After getting an experience of more than 2 yrs ,I decided to finally launch my own dream project, NutriBond. NutriBond as I can say it is my baby which I shall continue to nurture and one day hope to see it as one of the topmost nutrition websites.Let me tell you something about NutriBond,is an online diet center where diets are provided keeping in mind the lifestyle,Nutritional needs and medical history of a patient in mind.We basically customize it for you and help you in understanding the importance of a well balanced diet.We work for you and with you on the whole .NutriBond has helped me in getting clients across various countries such as Dubai,Saudi,USA and China.I understand that owing to a busy lifestyle it becomes difficult for an individual to follow a diet and report to his Dietician every week.Hence I decided to come up with an online model of NutriBond you make a Patientís life easy and hassle free.

    2. NS: What every woman should keep in mind while planning a meal for the family?
    NutriBond: A woman plays so many roles effortlessly. Be it the role of a wife,mother or daughter in law.She has so many responsibilities that are entrusted to her and still manages to handle each of them without hesitating even once.Hence planning a meal becomes very important for a woman as it is directly related to the health and well being of her loved ones.While planning a meal she should make sure that each member eats a well balanced diet,one which has adequate fiber,protein and essential fats.She should make sure that the meals are cooked in low oil with minimal amounts of salt and sugar.It is important that she encourages every member to eat fruits(at least 2 servings in a day) and veggies in their diet.Last but not the least a family that eats together stay happy forever.

    3. NS: What advice would you give to people willing to start a healthier lifestyle?
    NutriBond : Your diet is a bank account. Good foods choices are good investments.Hence always remember what you are eating and what you have been putting in your tummy.
    The better the investment the better would be the returns.Feed your body good healthy food and to polish it a little more add on some exercises or indulge in your favourite sport.Cheers to Good health!!

    4.NS: How can people reach you for consultations?
    NutriBond: For those lovely people out there who wish to be a part of the NutriBond Family, Please visit my website www.nutribond.co.in , email us on huda@nutribond.co.in or just give us a call on 9987720011, we would be glad to help you

    Huda's Health Mantra
    Eat clean, exercise daily, donít give up your 8hrs of sleep and keep stress at bay thatís my Mantra to lead a Healthy and Happy Life.

    Huda's diet tips for womenís health and beauty:

    You are what you eat and hence it is important to watch out for foods which you place on the plate.Eat plenty of fruits,veggies and make sure you are getting enough of protein and a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals.A diet rich is vitamin c and omega 3 fatty acids will provide you with glowing skin.Make sure your diet is low on sugar and salt as too much of these can be detrimental for your overall health.Exercise regularly as it is a great way to cleanse your body of all those underlying toxins.Do not forget to have at least 8-10 glasses of water per day as hydration keeps your skin radiant and delays the wrinkle formation process.Last but not the least sleep for good 8 hours ,your skin gets ample time to repair and rejuvenate itself.Say bye bye to stress and keep smiling.

    Hudaís favorite
    Season: Winter
    Cuisine: Lebanese
    Book: Malala
    Music: Sufi

    ----Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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