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    1. NS: Tell us something about you and your venture little passports.

    Prachi: I was born in Delhi and studied Business and Fashion at College. I have been a travel buff since a young age. Fortunately for me, I found a perfect travel partner in my husband. Together, we took the road less travelled and experienced many unique destinations.

    After my son was born, the journey continued and we took him for his first overseas trip to China! Many thought I was an out-of-the-box mom, but after listening to our delightful encounters, a lot of them were keen to go! Thus, I was encouraged and ventured into Kids Travel and founded Little Passports. Little Passports is a novel concept in the kids travel space for India. We organize educative travel tours for kids aged between 3 and 15. The concept resonates with today's parents who value 'learning by doing. ‘These trips are in tandem with popular school holidays.

    2. NS: What are the advantages of travelling through your agency?

    Prachi: The tours designed for kids have been formulated with all my travel knowledge and experiences of travelling with kids. The tours are proactive to keep needs of kids and concerned parents in mind. I understand the importance of age appropriate attractions and energy levels of kids and have devised itineraries accordingly.

    3. NS: What has been the most effective way of raising awareness of your business and getting new customers?

    Prachi: Only one mom understands another mom completely. The most effective way for us has been the word of mouth referral that moms who have been with us on our trips spread!
    Little Passports being an innovative concept in the education/travel world, has received an overwhelming response from family, friends, parents and educational institutions, alike! There was a gaping hole in this sphere and, we have touched the nerve of every enthusiastic parent and the IB curriculum based schools in India by offering these tours!

    Prachi’s success mantra

    My mantra is to have faith in myself to go out there and try my hand at what I want! Without my liberating childhood or my husband's encouragement this wouldn't have been the case.

    Prachi’s future plans for Little Passports
    I have a penchant for kid's destinations and aspire to convert all my experiences to trips through Little Passports. Little Passports envisions being synonymous with unique destinations coupled with the parent and child bond allowing hassle free travel with a like-minded group of kids and adults.

    Prachi's favorites

    Color: White

    Season: Spring

    Movie: Addicted to Love

    Book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

    Music: I love music! Anything that catches my fancy

    -----------------------------------Inteviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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