• Rupali Gautam, founder of Image N Impression

    1. NS: Tell us something about you and your venture Image N Impression.
    Rupali: It’s very important today to invest in yourself to enhance your Image and create positive impression. At Image N Impression, I assist people exercise greater control over the impressions they create and perceptions they influence through elements of image – dressing, grooming and body language, including etiquette. I fully understand the role of image in each and every person’s personal, professional and social lives. We assist you to project an image which is accurate, appropriate, authentic, attractive and affordable, consistently. My ultimate aim is to enhance image and improve the quality considering the roles and goals.

    I provide the following services in terms of Image Management and Consulting:
    • Corporate Training
    • Various customized open workshops for women as well as men on Image Management and Soft Skills
    • Soft skills and Behavioral training
    • Individual Consultation
    • One on one coaching solutions
    Target Audience:
    My market segment is

    • Small, Medium and Large Companies
    • College/ School Students and teachers
    • Individuals
    • Media & Entertainment Industry
    • Government Sector
    • Premium Fashion Retail
    • Lower Socio Economic Section
    The USP of my business is that Image Management as the industry is very new in India and we have immense opportunities to explore. Just like in health care industry where in sooner or later every one falls sick, everyone needs Image Management. You can connect us at the below for any image management requirements.
    Mobile: +91 9833634821
    Email: rupaligautam80@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imagenimpression
    LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/rupali-gautam

    2. NS: What motivated and inspired you to start Image N Impression?
    Rupali: I am a BE in Information Technology and have an industry experience on more than 14 years. Although things were going good, I wanted something more interesting and gave me some flexibility. I hold a keen sense of observation in terms of dressing and grooming. I believe good presentation of one’s self gives an edge over others both in personal and professional lives.
    When I came across Image Management industry, there was no second thought to take my passion as my career. It gave me a platform to use my creativity, skills along with a lot of flexibility. Now work is more fun for me.

    3. NS: What message you want to give to women who want to build their confidence?
    Rupali: I always feel we should have a purpose in our lives. We should work towards things which give us happiness and dedicate some part of our day towards that activity. You need to be surrounded by strong aura of positivity, it helps to change our perspective towards life. Life has a purpose, your story is important, your dreams count, your voice matters, you were born to make an IMPACT.

    4. NS: How one’s image influences impression?
    Rupali: Self-Image is the personal view we have of ourselves. It’s what we feel and perceive our self-portrait. Our self-image is developed from our learning and our experiences. We are all conditioned by previous experiences, circumstances, situations, parents, peers, friends, relatives in short by the society. Based on this we develop either a positive or a negative self – image. With a positive self-image, we own our assets and potentials while being realistic about our limitations and liabilities. A negative self-image focuses on our faults and weaknesses, failures and imperfections.
    Self-Image is important because how we think about ourselves directly affects how we respond to life. A positive self-image affects our physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. A healthy self-image starts with learning to accept and love ourselves. It also means being accepted and loved by others.
    Your Self Image and Self Esteem are linked; if you have a negative self-image you will probably have low self-esteem, and if you have a good self-image you will probably have a high self-esteem. Your image in terms of an individual is a physical representation of who you and what you are all about- your attitudes, appearance and actions an image produced consciously or unconsciously. Image Management assists you to project an appropriate and powerful image consistently. Image Management can be very closely associated with your first impression which are formed within seconds.
    Image Management is all about developing your inner strengths and at the same time reflect them on the outside through appearance. You create positive first impressions whether in a crowd or alone, from campus placements to walk-in interviews to social or family gatherings.

    5. NS: What are your future plans for Image N Impression?
    Rupali: Image N Impression has always worked towards spreading out more towards common people. We need to break the stereotype where people feel it’s only for certain class of people. We have specially designed programs like “Powerz of 5”, “Get Job ready”, “Project A winning image”, “Manage your image”, “Image Management & Etiquette” which are meant for working professionals, students, startups, women aiming back to work and homemakers. We also have started parting Image Management in regional languages like Marathi so that we reach out to rural audience, where actually the need lies. So, plan is definitely to spread the awareness of the industry and reach out to more and more people.

    6. NS: Any tips for women who are joining their careers after long or short break due to family matters?
    Rupali: Women who are aiming back to work certainly hold a special place for me. Being a woman I certainly have gone through this stage in my life. It’s quite challenging to juggle between roles of being an entrepreneur, a professional, a wife, a mother of 2 lovely kids, daughter in law, daughter and other social commitments. I dedicatedly work for 6-7 hours of day towards my passion. I have lot of flexibility and thus I am able to do justice and maintain the work life balance.
    I really appreciate the decision of women who want to make their mark and have their own identity. Image N Impression along with our partner ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute) conduct programs on “Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Image Consulting and Soft skills training” which focusses primarily on women who want to make a comeback.
    Some Tips we would like to share:

    • Learn to Love yourself
    • Remember that you are UNIQUE
    • Develop your strengths
    • Give positive affirmations
    • Set realistic and measurable goals

    Rupali’s success mantra

    “What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now” - Buddha

    Rupali’s favorites
    Color: Yellow
    Season: Spring
    Movie: In the pursuit of Happiness, Dangal
    Music: Soft

    ----------------------Interviewed by Laxmi Khalap Bhatt, Editor, www.narisakhi.com

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