• Relaxation technique for anger stress and anxiety

    Anger, anxiety, stress are day today problems. When you get anger your body wants to react in 2 ways, either fight or flee.
    Body is preparing to fight or flee.
    Muscles near your neck, shoulder, calf, hands get tight and stressed out



    Here are few tips to relax your mind and body.
    1. Move your body specially neck, hands, legs and shoulders so your muscles release all the stress.
    2. You can do the actions like swimming, flying in the sky, etc.
    3. Deep breathing. Inhale, hold and exhale. Focus on your breath. Let the thoughts pass by. Witness thoughts and focus on breath.
    4. Hold right nostril with right thumb and breath in and out slowly from left nostril. Hold left nostril with your left thumb and breathe in and out from right nostril.
    5. Press your fingers with thumb for few seconds very lightly and breathe in and out.
    This will help you to release stress, anger, anxiety