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    Women Enpowerment: Dr. Jyoti Gupta

    Dr. Jyoti Gupta, running a successful fine arts institute named ISHA’S INSTITUTE OF ARTS AND ASTROPALMISTRY. Her priorities in order are she is a home maker first, a dedicated wife, and a mother to her little girl, then comes by professional life which she leads in leisure.
    She finished higher secondary with St.Raphael’s school then did her masters degree in home management with the Government College in Indore, India. She did a diploma course in textile designing and commercial arts. She joined as a commercial artist with a reputed firm for advertising agency in Indore. She has earned doctorate in Para-psychology.

    Let us find out more about Dr. Jyoti Gupta

    1. NS: Dr. Jyoti Gupta, welcome to naarisakhi, when did you first discover your artistic talents?
    Dr. Jyoti Gupta:

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    Women Enpowerment: Dr. Radhike Khanna

    Women Enpowerment: Dr. Radhike Khanna

    Dr. Radhike Khanna example of the power of service to transform and uplift special people in our society. Aim of Shraddha Chartable Trust is to inspire these adults inspite of their handicap make them feel useful and confident as regular earning members of society. We are glad to have Dr. Khanna with us on NaariSakhi


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    Veena's curryworld: feel the aroma of curry

    Veena, a mother of 2 little naughty boys and owner of food blog curryworld is an engineering graduate. Having grown up in the serene beauty of the lush green state of Thrissur, Kerala, the natural beauty and diversified cooking patterns adapted in this little coastal state of India has indeed influenced Veena a lot. She loves to bring her kitchen to the world, and world to her kitchen, thus enhancing possibilities of both. Veena’s mom and her mother in law are her inspirations for they both are good cooks. She is blessed to have a wonderful family around her, who

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    Ipsita Johri's AIZA: New face to Indian furniture

    Having spent more than 10 years in the media world, Ipsita finally decided to do what was always her passion – make creative furniture
    Growing up in the old districts of Bengal, living in the British constructed houses, the fascination for wooden furniture, long byzantine pillars, high ceilings and fabulous architecture, along with their history, inspired Ipsita to push her creative cells that crystallized in the unique concept of

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