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Thread: Ganesh Sloka before starting a new work

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    Default Ganesh Sloka before starting a new work

    Vakrathunda Mahaakaaya Suryakoti Samaprabha Nirvignam Gurumaydeva Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada

    O Elephant headed large bodied Lord, radiant as a thousand Suns, I ask for your grace so that this task that I am starting may complete without any hindrances.

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    Rekha, thanks for posting it. I always say it.
    Ganesh is vignaharta, he removes all obstacles. These days I am making a hagbit to chant shlokas during free time. It gives speace.

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    Thanks Rekha for posting

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    ya banishapa, Our mind feels peace by chanting the slokas...

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    dear rekha,ganpati ji not only removes obstacles in new work,he also helps you out of problems in your life.i see his murti every day when i get up.
    live and let live


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    Smile thanx, Rekha

    thanx. Rekha for posting I always chant this mantra but without knowing the reason that before starting work ne ways god bless u

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    Rekha, Now I know the reason and motive behind this mantra before chanting.

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