Poll: Were Women 40 years back were more happy than today?

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Thread: 40 years back Womens were more happy than today

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    Default 40 years back Womens were more happy than today

    Sakhis, Role of Women at home and in outside world have changed with time. Did this change bring more happiness, freedom, responsibility for Womens.
    Please cast your opinion.

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    One cannot generalize but there were less responsibility for womens 40 years back than today. There are pros and cons to it.

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    It all depends on how satisfied a woman is with her life..40 yrs back women were satisfied and so happy with their lifestyle..today's woman is satisfied with her lifestyle and so happy

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    time and lifestyle and exposure have all contributed to the women of the day, in comparison, women have gained voice nowadays and education and work has exposed her to the outer world and exposed to the patria tic dominant society, which ruled for decade, though I must say men of those days looked after the women whom they took up responsibility as wife or mother or sister or daughter but one has to go by their rule, now only girl child being born has brought about a change and made men themselves make women self sufficient which in turn has exposed her to the society that it is today, but the ego of men is hurt much and in turn they have become lazy leaving everything to the women to do.

    If only men also change with society then today’s women are the best, they have all their dreams in a jiffy, which was never possible, making a home for instance was a lifetime dream fulfilled in those days but nowadays it is not so, home loans and you have your flat you pay from your pay and your husband’s and life moves on to other things.

    Another plus point which has become minus here is taking care and keeping parents along, who would had contributed to the emotional gap needed in the growth of the children, so in many a minus and plus I would still say today’s women are far better and can be at peace if only they realize what they have something unique achieved which the olden days women could never even dream of…this is my point here…sunkan

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    i think women liberation has stolen her peace too.if she is satified with what she has achieved,she has lost her grip on her household affairs.she may be earning more,may be free a lot,but somewhere she is lacking her togetherness with the family.no joint family,no joint celebrations,decline in relationships,thes all things are indications that something is wrong with today's enviroment.but,still,this is a fact that women 40 yrs before were more happy as they knew nothing but to compromise.and,they had no alternatives.
    live and let live



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    There are pros and cons, Womens 40 years back ahd to comprimise a lot but knew to live satisfied happy life. But Woemns who were living miserable life did not have much choice.
    Now a women living with drinkard husband has more option than 40 years back. So it all depends on the situation and how we have accepted the change.

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    thank you sakhis for your incredible input.

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    Women have taken more responsbility in the name of freedom. More work which leads to more stress.

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    May be 40 years back there were no media or technology where they could express their problems. Women must be sharing their problems among close neighbours and family.
    News was not easy to spread out as today. They were facing different kind of issues as compared to todday's Women.

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    40 years back Women had better ways to vent out and less responsibilities. It is more competitive and less time to relax.

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