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Thread: Henna good for hair or bad

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    Default Henna good for hair or bad

    Most of us use henna for dyeing hair. I have heard that henna(mehendi) can block pores on head and block hair growth
    Should I stop putting henna if Yes, is there any other alternative.
    Did anyone else hear about henna blocking pores on head?

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    henna is used for coloring and good coolent so if u r using do not oil your hair as it will not stick and no use at all, that day wash your hair well as u may need plenty of water to do this as it would stick a lot.... once u have washed dry your hair naturally then nicely brush your hair of any powder still remaining, to clean the hair,now u can add oil and massage the next day never the same day the finish is dry and rough on the day henna is applied...u need to keep it atleast an hour or two depending on your hair thickness and length..

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    Thanks sunkan for the advice. Even I think henna won't clog pores if washed nicely.

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    Thanks suva for stepping in.
    Sunkan, thank you so much for detailed instructions. I was little bit worried about applying henna. You brought back my confidence about henna.

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    Hi Nidhi,

    I am not sure about the clogging of pores but frequent usage of Henna may give you dry hair problem. That's why beauticians also prescribe it once in month or in 15 days. Sunkan has given the perfect instructions of applying it.
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    Sunkan, you have given perfect instruction for applying henna.
    Neha, I agree with you. My parlour lady told me to apply henna once in a month. 15 days is also not good.
    Apply lot of oil to prevent from dry hair.

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    Thanks Neha and manda for the information. It is very helpful.

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