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Thread: Lauki/green squash/green dudhi juice

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    Default Lauki/green squash/green dudhi juice

    Lauki/green squash/dudhi Juice

    1 small size of Lauki
    tsp black pepper(optional)
    5 tulsi leaves
    Clean lauki/green squash. Cut it into small pieces and put it into the juicer. Add black pepper and tulsi leaves.
    Have this juice early in the morning on empty stomach to get rid of acidity and loose weight.
    If you do not have juicer you can grate Lauki using home grater and squeeze it with big spoon by putting pressure.
    If you do not like the taste and find it difficult to drink, add honey to it. Do not use sugar.

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    Baba Randev always mentions lauki juice to be consumed early in the morning. It is very good for health. In winter season you can add black pepper and summer cool your bosy with plain lauki juice.

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    Baba Ramdev Ki Jai.

    He insists on Lauki Juice, be careful girls, hope we also dont start winking like him after drinking it.

    Just kidding ok Surekha. Don't mind ha.

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    Mals, I am big fan of baba Ram Dev. I guess he had major problem of paralysis and he recovered by performing yoga and pranayam.

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    Surekhapar, thanks for posting healthy recipe. It keeps me motivated to eat n drink healthy.

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    thanku so much have sent this to my daughter who suffers from acidity a lot hope it helps her too..sunkan

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    Surekhapar, thanks for the recipe. My bro has acidity problem, as he works at night. I will pass this on to him.

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    Thanks anuchem,mals,banishapa for stepping in.
    Sunkan and nellydisa, lauki juice really helps acidity if you drink it regularly. Now it is summer time so added benefit of cooling body.
    In winter make sure you add crushed black pepper to lauki juice.

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    Hi ...

    Can i make this lauki juice in a mixure(mixie) ... if yes thn do i have 2 half boil it or grind it raw??? and lastly can this juice be make in bulk and stored for 2-3 days???

    looking forward 2 ur reply...

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    Meenakshi, you get more amount of lauki juice in the juicer rather than mixie. You can extratc juice in mixie too. It is better to have raw lauki juice rather than cooked.
    Meenakshi, I would advice you to have fresh juice. Juice made in advance get oxidized and loose all its vitamins.
    In winter season add some black pepper to lauki juice.

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